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The deVere Group Foreign Exchange service (dVFX) allows clients of the deVere Group to trade major world currencies and make international payments in a fast, efficient and competitive way.

The deVere Group Foreign Exchange service will help you make better, smarter trades, whether your trading level is more casual or professional.  Your foreign exchange experience with dVFX will be simple, competent and profitable, as we offer the most competitive currency exchange rates as well as regular market updates. All our transactions are fast, reliable, efficiently executed and settled instantly.

The key benefits of using deVere Group Foreign Exchange include:

  • Exchange rates up to 5% better than those offered by major banks
  • Forward contracts that let you to fix your exchange rate for future transactions (ideal if you are buying or selling currency for a property)
  • Proactive advice on hedging and risk management by a dedicated dVFX trader who can explain your options, and thus help you obtain the best available exchange rates.
  • Free currency market updates

dVFX can help you save money on your currency exchange and international payments, including any of the following:

  • Emigration
  • Buying or selling a foreign property
  • Bringing money into your country of residence
  • Buying or selling products internationally
  • Sending money overseas

If you wish to find out more about the currency exchange process, please visit the What Is Foreign Exchange page. Alternatively, if you want further information on a particular currency question, you may also contact us directly.

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